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About Us

About Us

Our History


Spoiled Dog Winery was founded in 2003 by Jack and Karen Krug. While they might appear to be your conventional winery owners, there is nothing conventional about their approach to wine.


One doesn't think of Washington first or maybe even second when it comes to Pinot Noir. When they decided to move to Whidbey Island and start a winery in a beautiful farm setting, Karen's passion for Pinot Noir led her to conduct exhaustive research and identify a diverse set of clones that thrive in the maritime micro-climate of Whidbey Island and produce a distinctive complex yet balanced wine using sustainable growing methods.


Karen's love of wine began with pairing wine with food – all around the world.  Winemaking is her third career, following international lawyer and engineer (with lots of chemistry). It seems natural for the integration of art and science in wine making to be made up of both right and left brain training - adding in formal classes and hands on working with other winemakers to add depth and creativity.  Her adventurous spirit led her to initially focus on estate Pinot Noir grapes – not the typical white grapes grown on Whidbey Island and certainly a more challenging wine to make well. 


Our Story

Spoiled Dog Winery's second generation joined the family business when Jake and Lindsay moved to Whidbey Island from Colorado with their children in 2015. This has brought a new perspective to the winery along with both generations taking a lead role in winemaking, sales, vineyard care and tasting room management. Having two generations on the farm and in the winery has allowed us to share our family's passion of wine with more people than we ever imagined possible.  


The Krugs are known for looking beyond just making wines from grapes. Karen and Jack produced Pomo di Moro (apple of love), an apple pear wine made from the heritage fruit trees in the orchard on their 25-acre farm. In 2017 these fruit trees became the inspiration and source for the Krug's sister company Driftwood Hard Cider Co.


Our Vision

If you love good wine, our grapes are sourced from some of the best vineyards in Washington and Oregon. Our wines are handcrafted at our winery with meticulous focus on balance. The Krug family wants visitors to feel like they've discovered a secret spot that will become a destination and a reason to regularly return to Whidbey Island for a visit.From the moment you enter the tasting room in the winery among the barrels of aging wine you realize you have discovered a special destination.

The relationship between food and wine is something that transforms wine tasting at Spoiled Dog Winery into a culinary experience. Wine tastings include an offering of Pinot Noir with chocolate and a nibble of crackers with a savory cheese made using their wine.


If you love to cook, you'll find a hidden jewel waiting for you at Spoiled Dog Winery. They produce lavender infused Verjus from their estate Pinot Noir grapes. This special ingredient that gained popularity during the Renaissance will add a delightful flavor to your next salad dressing or sauce.

If you love to eat, Spoiled Dog participates in several annual food and wine events and their special winemaker dinners hosted under the eaves of their apple trees overlooking the lower vineyard are not to be missed.


Whether you are a local or a visitor, Spoiled Dog Winery will become a regular destination to "wine down" and experience the joie de vivre of Whidbey Island.

Can I give this place 6 stars?

Fell in love with this place. First of all, beautiful location - outdoor seating among the grapevines, beautiful view of their property and the barn. Secondly, winery dogs (however, not sure this place is dog friendly) who are amazingly friendly. Third, and most important, amazingly delicious wine!

– Heather K.  Seattle, WA

Our Spoiled Dogs

You may be asking, "How did you come up with the winery name?" The winery was named after the love we have for own spoiled dogs over the years. We know many of our visitors can relate and want to honor their dog as well! 

Winery/Vineyard Dog Duties may include any of the following:  Diligently guarding the grapes and chickens from predators; lounging in the tasting room, vineyard or orchard; road trips to pick up grapes, finding time to play after a long work day chasing the tractor; begging for belly rubs

Jack & Karen's Australian Shepherds 

Sami and Brix


Jake & Lindsay's French Bulldogs

Murphy and Winnie

Our Spoiled Dogs

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Community Support

Community Support

Spoiled Dog Winery is dedicated to supporting our community. We are pleased to support a variety of worthy causes and non-profits through donating in various ways. We receive many requests for donations and although we attempt to provide help to all applicants, there will be times when our means do not allow us to contribute. We place a priority on causes in our local area.


We are able to donate because of the loyalty of our great community and we wish to thank them for their continued support. If you would like to request a donation from Spoiled Dog Winery, please fill out this request form.

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